What do you give a teenage boy besides XBOX stuff? Gift him a big jar of Cement Soap

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     I am a mom to two teenage boys here. So often times my girlie, colorful bath creations just go over their dude heads. Sure they do a super sweet job playing along with my cupcake soaps and the gang. But I often hear, "Hey Mom, Can I order Black Ops, how about XBOX DLC's, do we have any Mountain Dew?"

     But this time, I got their full attention with my all new Cement Sugar Scrub Soap. A big healthy 10 oz Jar of handmade soap that they can use to get super clean in those long teenage boy showers with or without washcloth. My guys downed 5 jars of Cement in less than a month. And best of all, the thick clouds of Axe overload in the morning are a thing of the past in our house. Cement smells manly and musky with notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and amber. And Dad can certainly borrow this big jar.


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